7 Steps to Take When Preparing for Treatment

When you’ve made the decision to get treatment for an addiction, it can be scary and difficult, but it is a step toward recovery. To set yourself up for success in treatment, you should take some steps to prepare for entry into rehab.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment – A Balanced Approach to Recovery

A dual diagnosis is when a person is diagnosed as having both a mental illness and an addition problem. With this diagnosis, a person is eligible for dual diagnosis treatment, which will treat both conditions. This is a relatively new idea because things were handled much differently in the past. This new dual diagnosis treatment option can be incredibly more beneficial and produce much better outcomes than the treatment options of the past.

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Top 5 Ways to Structure Routine in Early Recovery

A few of the ways recovering addicts can build a healthy lifestyle include setting daily schedules, encouraging others to support your new habits, appreciating the basics, prioritizing meetings, and removing clutter from your life.

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When Anger Threatens Your Recovery

Anger is a reasonable emotion, but when you’re in recovery, it can be a dangerous distraction and for many, an excuse to relapse. Keeping it bottled up inside leads to stress and frustration, which is one of the first steps to returning to an unmanageable life.

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