What to Expect and What to Bring

What to Expect

We offer residential treatment for men and women in separate facilities. We have a variable length of stay. We also offer halfway services for both men and women and intensive outpatient services for women. As a family member, we encourage your participation in our family education program. Listed below is information that you may need to know while your family member is enrolled at Serenity Recovery Center.


During the first seven (7) days, your family member will not be allowed to use the telephone or receive visits. This blackout period is to allow your family member to focus on recovery. Letters/cards can be received during the blackout period and should be addressed to the individual and mailed to the address above. In the event of an emergency during this period, feel free to call your family member’s counselor at the number listed above. Upon completion of the blackout period, your family member will be allowed one 10 minute phone call daily.


Visitations are on Sunday’s only from 1- 4 PM. Individuals visiting must be at the center at 1:00 PM to attend the Family Education Meeting. If you are not present at this meeting, you will not be allowed to visit your family member. Visitors are limited to two (2) adults (parents, grandparents, or spouse) and immediate children and must be on the weekly visitation list provided by the client. No food, drinks or other personal items can be brought to visitations.


In the event that your family member needs additional items from you, deliveries can be dropped off at the administrative offices Monday through Thursday between the hours of 12:00 – 4:00 PM. No items will be accepted other than during those times. Medications must be brought either in its original prescription bottle or in unopened over-the-counter containers.


Each client is assigned a counselor to help with their specific program goals. The counselor is available to provide direction and assistance in the event of an emergency.

What to Bring

Please remember that you will be on a seven day BLACKOUT. Please inform your family that you cannot make or receive phone calls or have visits during this time frame. Writing and receiving letters is permissible during blackout