Residential Treatment

24/7 Housing and Support for Men and Women

The Support You Need for Addiction Recovery

When you commit to substance abuse recovery you want to give yourself the best chance of succeeding. Everyone facing addiction has a different story and needs personalized support. Residential treatment is for those who do not have a safe environment to stay during recovery and for those that need a structured environment with trained experts that can help when they need it most. Rehab success rates for those who complete drug and alcohol detoxification are a combined 68 percent.

Why is Residential Treatment Effective for Treating Addiction? 

When you join Serenity’s Residential Treatment program you get the 24/7 support and structure you need for a full recovery. Serenity helps you with evidence-based practices. You get to experience researched and proven treatments that go beyond talk therapy. Although talk therapy is a critical part of your therapy that you will experience during your stay. 

How Long Will I Stay in Residential Treatment?

Because each person is different we can’t say. We can say that completion of treatment goals determine how long you will be in our services. Your progress is ultimately what determines how long your stay lasts. During your evaluation assessment you’ll get an estimate about how long your residential treatment program may last, if you choose to participate.

What Will I Experience During Residential Treatment at Serenity?

The Serenity Residential Treatment program is a 24/7 structured environment. This means you cannot leave unless it’s for a court order or medical issue. Your entire day is planned out for you and designed specifically for recovery. Everything you do each day will is to increase your chances of a successful recovery.

What Your Day Might Look Like

6:00 Wake Up Call
6:30 Breakfast service begins
8:00 Exercise / Recreation
9:15 Meditation
9:30 Education
11:00 Break
11:30 Lunch service begins
1:00 Group work
2:30 Break
3:00 Recovery Dynamics
5:15 Dinner service begins
6:30 Homework/ Study time
7:30 Free Time
8:00 12 step meeting
9:00 Snacks
9:15 Chores
10:00 Lights Out

What Types of Treatment & Programs Might I Experience?

Guided Meditation

Mindfulness and stress management practices are a form of meditation that teaches you quiet your mind to better navigate through stressful situations. Through breathing exercises you learn how to let go of destructive thoughts and thought patterns.

Recovery Dynamics

Recovery Dynamics is a method of teaching the principles of the 12 steps. This is one of the most effective therapy models for introducing people to the philosophy and structure of the 12 steps of recovery.


Individual, group, and family therapy with licensed therapists. Participating in conversations with a group of peers, is a powerful way to see you are not alone. Family therapy can help heal wounds from the past and reconnect you with your loved ones.

Life Skills

Life skills encompass relationship building, living independently, maintaining a schedule, finding and maintaining employment. You’ll learn tools for problem solving and systems to help you make better choices in your day to day life. 

Relapse Prevention

Learn how to identify and navigate the most common triggers for relapse. Learn how support groups, grounding techniques, breathing, and having an emergency plan in place can help you avoid relapse.

Residential Treatment Program Amenities 

The Serenity campus consists of four different buildings and a total of 65 beds. Depending on capacity you will share a room with one or two other guests. Three daily meals are provided (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The campus has an outdoor walking track, and for those who wish to work out in a gym we have a partnership with local YMCA.