Halfway Care

A Safe Transition into Sober Living

When you’re committed to living a sober lifestyle but aren’t ready to transition to a fully independent life, a halfway house is a great option. Serenity’s Halfway Program provides support to those who are new to recovery and committed to a life without addiction.

What Are Halfway Houses Used For?

A halfway house is a structured program that provides safe environments for those in recovery from drugs or alcohol. You might go to a halfway house after leaving a long-term addiction treatment center, prison, or a homeless situation. The Serenity Halfway Program is dedicated for those than want to be in a strict, structured, and safe living environment as they begin their journey to independence. Halfway is different from a regular housing unit and it includes individualized therapy and group therapy weekly.

How Long Can You Stay?

The Serenity Halfway Program has a total of ten beds – 5 for women and 5 for men. When you enter our Halfway Program you can stay for up to three months. It’s important to note, however, that our halfway program is very strict and structured compared to others. You will adhere to a strict schedule and need to get our approval of your work situation.

How is the Serenity Halfway Program Different?

The Serenity Halfway Program operates on a therapeutic level of care. You will live your day to day like any of our residential patients, with the addition of leaving campus for work duties. You will come directly back to campus following work and be subject to screenings. For some, the strict structure helps them ease their way back into independent living. If you’re ready for less structure, then our halfway program is probably not for you.

Serenity Halfway Program Guidelines

  • You must stay sober. Drug and alcohol use is prohibited, and you’ll be subject to random drug testing.
  • You must contribute to the house by doing chores.
  • You must adhere to curfew.
  • You must attend 12-step programs.
  • You must get approval for where and how you work.