Addiction Evaluation Assessment

Determine if You have a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

How to Know if You Have a Substance Addiction

It’s not always easy to know if you have an addiction problem. Most people don’t realize when they cross the line into addiction. If you suspect you may have an addiction an evaluation assessment will let you know. If you have been asked to get an assessment by family or work we can help. The sooner you know, the sooner you can move on with life.

Why Get an Addiction Evaluation Assessment?

Why Get an Addiction Evaluation Assessment?

Addiction Assessment with Admissions Officer
Addiction Screening & Assessment


The process of evaluating the possible presence of a problem. This will include a drug urine test.


The process of defining the nature of the problem. The diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Who Conducts My Evaluation Assessment?

Your addiction evaluation assessment at Serenity done by a experienced and/or credentialed professional. Typically you will see one of our psychologist or social workers. Whoever you see for you assessment has years of experience with addiction evaluation assessments. You can be confident they will make an accurate diagnosis and recommendation.

What Tools do You Use to Determine Addiction?

Serenity uses The Addiction Severity Index (ASI), a trusted tool for measuring addiction severity. It’s a structured 45 minute to one hour interview that assesses someone’s need for treatment.

What ASI Helps Assess

Evaluation for Entering a Treatment Facility

If you already know you have an addiction problem you’ll still need and assessment before entering a treatment facility. The evaluation assessment gives our staff a comprehensive perspective into your unique situation and informs us on the best way to help you. Any information obtained during your assessment is confidential.

Addiction Evaluation at Serenity Recovery Centers

Court-Ordered Evaluations

If you’ve been charged with something involving drugs or alcohol, then a judge may order a substance abuse evaluation. A judge will often require a substance abuse evaluation when you’re charged with:

If you’re receiving a court-ordered evaluation, make sure to bring the required paperwork to your appointment.

A Tool to Help You Succeed

You may feel embarrassed, ashamed, or hesitate to share the truth about your substance use. The first thing to know is you’re not alone. An evaluation is tool that gives you the chance to change your life. Knowing the truth of where you’re at is the first step to creating the life you deserve. An assessment evaluation does not mean you have to do anything. It just lets you know where you are and what you can do to move forward.