Professional Support to Find Lifelong Sobriety

Individual Counseling

During your recovery at Serenity, you’ll form a strong bond with your therapist. Individual counseling consists of a daily one-on-one 15 minute to one-hour session. Your assigned counselor will be certified and/or experienced in helping individuals through addiction.

Your Personal Therapist Helps Work Through and Understand

  • Unresolved Trauma
  • Harmful thought patterns
  • Core beliefs
  • Family dynamics
  • Aspirations and goals
  • Self-esteem and identity
  • Communication in relationships
  • Relapse Prevention

Group Counseling

A group therapy program is an important part of addiction treatment. When you are in a group setting, you receive support from peers who are in a similar situation. You can learn from other’s experiences, get trusted feedback in a non-judgmental environment, and create a network of sober friends.

What Is Group Therapy?

Research clearly shows that having a strong support network helps you stay sober. When someone has an addiction, they can feel like they are all alone. You may feel scared, lost or ashamed. It can feel like there is no one to confide in or talk to.

Serenity’s group therapy gives you the chance to share your experiences and start to heal. You can connect with people like you in the group and gain clarity about your recovery journey. A group therapy program leverages the power of human connection to give you the encouragement and empathy needed for successful recovery.

What is Group Therapy Like?

Typically there are four to ten members in a group. The sessions last one to two hours. A Serenity therapist will lead each session. In a group setting, you and your peers will share problems and brainstorm solutions. Sometimes the group will go through a role-play exercise and other times it will be less structured. Ultimately the group setting is a safe place to share feelings, experiences, worries, and victories.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is an important part of transitioning back into family home after recovery. The goal of family therapy is to bring clarity and understanding to family relationships. To foster repair and closeness when possible and everyone involved wants this. Your family therapist will explore how substance use has affected family dynamics and interactions. Your family therapist can put substance abuse into a new context so that the family can feel free to talk about it in a more productive way. Family therapy is an important part of transitioning back into family home after recovery. Serenity provides family education as well as family therapy sessions.