Volunteer Policy

All volunteers must be recovering and active in AA/NA/CA, with at least one year of sobriety. Volunteers must meet with Elyce Reaves, the Volunteer Coordinator, for instructions concerning the program and the volunteer role.  Approved volunteers are under the direct supervision of the Executive, Paula Hopper. Volunteers are expected to support the rules, policies and goals of the program. Volunteer privalages may be suspended without notice for violation of agency policies.

To ensure the positive atmosphere at Serenity Recovery Centers, we ask that all volunteers follow these simple guidelines:

  • All Serenity Recovery Centers’ rules must be applied while with the client.
  • Volunteers must have a strong recovery program which includes having a sponsor, atending meetings,  having ahome group, etc.
  • All gatherings must be approved by the staff. The volunteer must sign in and notify staff when interacting with the clients.
  • Clients are not allowed anywhere that alcohol is served.
  • Clients are to go only to approved sites, locations, etc.
  • Volunteers should adhere to the designated times to interact with clients.
  • We trust that our volunteers will use good judgement when working with clients.
  • Please do not engage in any negative discussions that may interrupt or interfere with the clients’ recovery, and report any concerns to staff immediately.  Negative talk about Serenity Recovery Centers’ program or staff is fatal to a client’s recovery.

Serenity Recovery Centers appreciates your support and cooperation.