The 5 Unexpected Benefits of Becoming Sober

One of the scariest parts of becoming sober is the fear of not handling life after sobriety well. It’s understandable to be skeptical of change, but given the right tools, sobriety is the light at the end of the tunnel that is proven to be reachable. If you’re reading this article, chances are you are in recovery or interested in starting recovery. You may find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health determined that “74.8% [of drug abusers] reported that they were in recovery or recovered from their substance use problem, translating to approximately 20.5 million adults in the United States.”

You may have heard that the benefits of kicking a drug or alcohol addiction outweigh the discomfort during the recovery process. This may not initially seem obvious, but there’s a better life waiting for you after addiction. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of sobriety.

1. You’ll Realize That Life After Sobriety Isn’t Boring

A common and inaccurate fear of becoming sober is that your life will suddenly become boring without alcohol and drugs. Although you may have grown accustomed to relying on substances to help you feel more interesting, or to help you improve your mood, you need to realize that you are also capable of doing these things without alcohol or drugs, and you’re more likely to have memories of it.

When you excessively drink or take drugs, you spend more time talking about your plans, and not enough time acting on your plans. Becoming sober means you’ll have the energy, time, and headspace to enjoy all the activities you talked about, which is far from boring.

2. You’ll Feel Better About Yourself

How many times have you fallen into a depressive state, or suffered from anxiety after a long night of abusing substances, only to find yourself picking up the same drug that caused these issues in the first place? Once you start on the path of recovery, you’ll notice that your head is less cloudy, you aren’t waking up with intense hangovers, and you won’t need to rack your brain to recall your memories. The longer you maintain sobriety, the more your mental health will improve.

3. You’ll Physically Look Better

Your mental health is not the only thing suffering from substance abuse. Your hair, skin, and body are also substantially affected by ingesting alcohol or drugs. Once you kick the habit, you’ll notice your movement will improve, and your stamina will increase, allowing you to start exercising and achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Alcohol and drugs disrupt your sleeping pattern, and it’s common for drug users to be unable to have a good night’s rest. During recovery, your physical appearance will dramatically shift, and within six months, you’ll notice that your skin looks less rugged and your hair shinier than before.

4. Relationships With Friends and Family Will Improve

This one may touch a nerve more than you’d like to admit, but the good news is that it’s in your power to make amends with your loved ones. You aren’t alone if some of your relationships were damaged by your addiction. Whether you were cut off or you pushed your loved ones away, you can still make up for the lost time.

While rebuilding damaged relationships may not be easy, it is a great reason to start on the path to recovery. Sobriety affects improving your connections with friends and family because you will approach conversations with a clear mind and be able to hold a meaningful and healthy conversation. Although you might feel that the damage done is irreversible, you may be surprised to find that your loved ones are rooting for you to succeed.

5. You’ll Start to Live Your Life and Remember All of It

There is a long road to sobriety, and although it won’t be easy, it will be worth it once you’re on the other side. Sobriety is one of those things that people can describe to you, but it won’t mean anything until you’ve done it for yourself. Instead of allowing alcohol and drugs to create distance between you and your life, you’ll begin to bridge the gap and truly experience everything to the utmost potential.

Final Thoughts

Sobriety is a change that starts with you, and it may be uncomfortable at first. However, like any change, the discomfort isn’t everlasting, and sobriety will eventually be your new “normal.” Furthermore, it’s an adjustment in the right direction that can drastically improve your well-being, your relationships, and your happiness. If you’ve read up to this point, you’ve already taken your first step!

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