Opioid Addiction – Amy’s Story

Addiction to Opioids

Amy’s Story

This story was originally feauted on thetruth.com.

When Amy was 14, a knee injury on the soccer field put her in the hospital and resulted in a prescription for Vicodin. Over the next five years, she endured several surgeries on that knee and received a flood of opioid prescriptions.

In this vulnerable state, Amy developed an addiction to Vicodin. When her supply ran out, she took drastic measures to get more. She started relying on self-harm to secure prescriptions for opioids. She would cut herself and smash her injured knee. At age 18, she reached the peak of her desperation. In hopes of getting more pills, she intentionally crashed her car into a dumpster at over 40 miles per hour.

After the incident, Amy knew she had to make a change. With the support of her friends and family, she entered treatment. As difficult as it was, Amy persisted through withdrawal and comp

Every day, more than 115 Americans die from opioid overdoses. Amy refused to become a part of that statistic. She is now a happy, healthy mother and has been sober since March 2012. She now offers counsel to recovering drug addicts and she bravely shares her story with us to help fight our nation’s opioid epidemic.

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Need Help?

If you or someone you love is having a problem with Opiates, Serenity Recovery Centers can help. We offer inpatient treatment for opiate addiction in Memphis, Tennessee. We also offer medication assisted treatment to alleviate the physical symptoms opiate of withdrawal so the patient can better focus on their recovery.

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