How to Find a Good Addiction Treatment Facility

When your life is being destroyed due to drug or alcohol addiction, the best thing you can do is find a treatment center and stop the downward spiral before it’s too late. If your loved one is facing addiction, they may need you to guide them and encourage them to check into a facility. Finding the right treatment program can be complicated and difficult, but treatment facilities save thousands of lives every year. There are a lot of addiction treatment facilities available, but there are things that make some stand out above the rest. Experts recommend following the following strategies when looking for a good addiction treatment facility.

Research if the Facility Has What you Need

 Many individuals with substance use disorders have other clinical conditions like depression and anxiety. Make sure the rehab center you choose has the resources you may need to deal with a dual-diagnosis. Call the facility and ask them about any resources they have listed on their website, and if they offer any services not listed.

Check if the Facility Uses Medication

If you or a loved one is seeking treatment for opioid addiction and want the option of taking prescription medication for treatment, check to see if the facility offers medication as an option. Some treatment centers follow the abstinence model to treat opioid addiction, and others will offer medication. Prescription medications like naltrexone and methadone have been useful for treating heroin addiction.


Look for a Facility with Longevity

It’s a good idea to choose an addiction facility that has been around for five years or more. Bad treatment centers don’t stay in business long, and many are just trying to take advantage of a high demand market for treatment. Facilities that have been around for 5 or more years are in stay in business because they do good work.

Luxury Doesn’t Always Mean Quality

Stays in rehab centers can range from a few thousand dollars per month to tens of thousands. One 30-day stay at a luxury rehab in Malibu, California, for example, costs $64,000. These pricier facilities include posh facilities with pools and private rooms with oceanside or mountain views. However, the Boston Globe recently reported that two of these posh facilities were inundated with problems like poor counseling, bad supervision, and understaffing. An effective addiction facility does not need to break the bank.

There are no Guarantees

Stay away from any addiction facility that guarantees success. It’s impossible to guarantee success for an addict. It’s up to the individual to follow the treatment plan once they leave any rehab center. A good addiction facility will have a plan set up for individuals to follow after they leave the facility.

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