Getting the Person You Love into Rehab

When someone you are close to has a problem with drug addiction, the results can have a devastating impact on the lives of everyone around them. That’s because addictions affect more than just the addict, they also affect the entire support structure around that person, drawing in resources to support the habit without providing the kind of love and intervention that changes their situation and allows them to emerge from their relationship with substances. That is what the right treatment does, though, and learning how to talk a loved one into drug rehab is one of the best ways you can support those who are struggling to come to terms with an addiction.


Before you try to talk to someone who has a problem about the issue, it is important to get prepared. Addicts often have thick barriers to change built up in the form of rationalizations for their behavior, and this can make them difficult to persuade and frustrating to communicate with. Here is how you can make sure you are prepared when you sit down to talk:

  • Educate yourself: Starting with resources like this one is great. Go further than just resources on treatment, though. Read up on how addiction works, what kinds of family support are needed to help people be successful, and which issues need to be navigated in recovery if it is to be successful.
  • Gather support: One of the most effective ways to talk someone into treatment is to stage an intervention, because it gathers together all the patient’s loved ones and provides them with an opportunity to show their support and to loan each other strength. That way, it is easier for them all to stand by their convictions.
  • Make a plan: When you want to make sure that your plea for someone to enter rehab is treated seriously, you need to go in with a plan that will be hard to derail. That way, you can be sure the entire process stays on track.

Making Your Case

When the day comes, remember that you need to approach the topic with love. As you discuss the situation and the options with the person in your life who has problems with an addiction, keep the following points in mind:

  • Have each person talk about how the addiction affects their relationships
  • Don’t judge or chastise
  • Do not make idle threats that enable the addict—make sure you will follow through with anything you say
  • Get them to go to treatment immediately

These goals can be easier to accomplish when you have the help of a professional interventionist, because a professional is going to know how to stage the pieces of your intervention plan in a way that has the best chance of helping to convince someone to enter drug rehab. That allows them to access the treatment they need quickly, and it helps to show just how much everyone else loves them and supports them.

If you are planning to intervene to help someone struggling with addiction, make sure you have all the help you need.

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