Dealing with Anger During Your Recovery

Anger is a normal and healthy human emotion. But it is a problem when it gets out of control. When you are under-recovery, anger can be a source of distraction. Anger can make you feel like you have no control over your life. It is important to understand and control your anger, especially during recovery. You can use the following ways to control and manage your anger.

Ways to Control and Manage your Anger


Learn to use simple relaxation tools to calm down whenever you are angry. These tools include:

  • Breathing in deeply from your diaphragm
  • Talk to yourself slowly using a calm word such as “take it easy” or “calm down.”
  • Visualize a relaxing experience in your mind
  • Practice slow exercises that can relax your muscles to feel calmer.

Daily use of these tools can help you to manage your anger.

Change your Thinking

Sometimes you get angry because of the way you think. Your thoughts can become dramatic and exaggerated when you are angry. Learn to speak positive things to yourself and avoid curses and swear words. Having high expectations from people can also lead to a lot of anger problems. Learn to change your expectations into desires to avoid disappointments when they are not met.

Improve how you communicate

You can quickly jump to inaccurate conclusions when you are angry. Whenever you find yourself in a heated argument, don’t hurry to reply; think about it before giving a response. Think about what makes you angry and the message that the other party is conveying to you. Listening and analyzing the discussion before responding can play a significant role in controlling your anger.

Controlling your anger during the recovery period can be so challenging. If you feel that your anger affects your recovery and relationship with others, feel free to contact us and begin your recovery journey.

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